Dissertation Research: How to build an effective Simulation Learning Environment.


Anssi Salmi: Simulation is the main topic in this Research

Research Basics

The Research involves top organizations from the sharp tip of the Finnish simulation field. The result of the research is a simulation model for effective simulation learning environments that can be applied in both education and industry, for example in product development and aftermarket.

Student Motivation and Pedagogy

The focus of the research is on the student's motivation and the pedagogy behind the simulations.

Top Organizations

The research involves top organizations from the Finnish simulation field.


By joining a research organization, you can be part of a multidisciplinary simulation network!

LF vs. HF

Can the same things be practiced with different levels of simulations? One measure of research is cost-effectiveness.

Aviation, forestry, military technology and healthcare

Research includes all those fields that have developed simulation-based learning for decades.

My Passion and experience

The researcher's own over 10-year background as an expert in the field of simulation and an inexhaustible passion for development serve as the cornerstone of the research.

Anssi Salmi

PhD Student at Aalto University and Lecturer at XAMK University of Applied Sciences

Anssi Salmi
PhD Student

Do you need expert help?

To fund my research, I offer expert assistance in the broad field of simulations. I have more than ten years of experience in simulations, for example as a builder of simulation environments and as a simulator trainer.

Please, contact me to see how I can help you with the challenges of the simulations. 

Anssi Salmi

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